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Sometimes, in order to move on, you got to find a new addiction to get over another. jenn satsune (via ohsatsune)

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Since uni starts tomorrow and I’m out of a lot of personal hygienic products I decided to buy new shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, new razors (I needed these desperately as my other ones were like 3 months old and hardly worked…), bodywash and new lipstick; everything was on sale so with taxes it was around 46$. Feels nice to have all the bath essentials full and functioning :) also bought a thick notebook from Chapters for lecture notes and veggie dumplings to boil for lunch tomorrow!

I have been crying for the last hour or so. My face is all blotchy and I still have things I need to do. Call me over emotional but when its people close to me I just cannot deal. I love them and their pain is my pain. I also tend to sympathize easily with others and thats why I cry easily at movies or when watching the news

I am seriously just bawling my eyes out. Maybe she’s right; if I did see her now I think I’d just break down and cry and I’m sure she would hate that